A downloadable story for Windows and Linux

The Light Kingdom is under attack,  the Dark empire has taken most of its forces.  The outlook seems grim, as the Dark advances each day.  They've covered the land in shadow, but one beacon of light remains. A beacon foretold to end the war. Your are said beacon, the last warrior of the Light Kingdom, will you prevail or fall?  

Now features multiplayer over LAN (Windows, Linux).

Find loot.
Warrior project features a diverse set of items to collect and use. Find a blast to deliver waves of energy at your enemy, or a shield to protect yourself from enemy attacks.

Install instructions

** Windows instructions :

Download and extract zip file. In the ext and click on WindowsVersion.exe to launch game.

** Linux instructions

Download and extract zip. Open your terminal, switch to the directory where you extracted the zip, and run ./LinuxVersion.x86 (make sure to give the file executable permissions.)


WPLinux.zip 410 MB

Development log


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Can't wait to play it! I'm currently on vacation. Thanks for submitting!